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Playboy was taken private in a 2011 buyout led by Hefner but has struggled in recent years as readers desert print magazines. In 2014, the company refinanced $147 million of first lien debt with a single lender after its financial performance deteriorated. That same year, Standard Poor’s said the publisher was “vulnerable” because of “sporadic operating shortfalls,” competition in brand licensing and a worsening outlook for print media..

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wholesale jewelry Paragon International Wealth Management added that the pricing trend for pink diamonds shows steady growth over the last decade.Paragon International Wealth Management also noted that the expected price for the Pink Promise followed the trend set earlier this year by the Pink Star, a 59.60 carat fancy vivid pink diamond that was purchased for $71.2 million at a Sotheby Hong Kong auction by Hong Kong based jewelry retailer Chow Tai Fook.ABOUT PARAGON INTERNATIONAL WEALTH MANAGEMENTParagon International Wealth Management, based in Toronto, is a leader in the investment and management of fancy colored diamonds. The firm stated mission is to provide clients outstanding advice and guidance in building successful hard asset investment portfolios. Over the last decade and a half, fancy colored diamonds have gained popularity as an investment vehicle and have exhibited higher profit margins over time than other hard assets.. wholesale jewelry

bulk jewelry Orthopedic surgeon Michael Cooney said that a shoulder injury meant Catalfumo could not have yanked Hill off the ground as she has alleges. Cooney performed rotator cuff surgery on Catalfumo’s right shoulder in 1995. The residual damage would make it difficult for him to lift more than 30 pounds over his head, much less a 100 pound person, according to Cooney.. bulk jewelry

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